Month: December 2009

Gift books for jewelry lovers

For jewelry lovers, few things equal the pleasure of looking at jewelry firsthand – except maybe looking at jewelry and reading about it at the same time. I have yards of bookcase devoted to this topic. Here are some recent favorites.

Last-minute gifts for the men in your life

In case this week’s celebration of jewelry for men inspired you to adorn the males of our species, here are a few unique gift ideas – all of which can be purchased without leaving home – for scientists, artists, architecture buffs, fishermen, skiers, handymen and wise old owls.

How to wear jewelry like a real man

The trick to maintaining a macho image while wearing jewelry is to keep things simple, fashion-wise. Also helpful: tattoos, tousled hair, three days’ beard growth, and a few hours a week pumping iron. Studly celebs Colin Farrel, Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler demonstrate.

How to wear jewelry like a gent

“I’m duding up my shirtfront, putting in the shirt studs, polishing my nails…”

Fred Astaire was steppin’ out. Proper accessories were required. Today, Johnny Depp continues his legacy, while other Hollywood style icons follow Cary Grant’s lead.

Jewelry for men: why not?

Let’s face it, where jewelry is concerned, women get all the fun. Go into most jewelry stores and ask to see the men’s lines and you often get a bewildered look. That, or you’re pointed to a sad little grouping…