Month: February 2010

Susan Chin: bone and ebony

“To some extent, jewelry is body enhancement, so if it doesn’t glitter or sparkle it’s not doing its job,” says studio jeweler Susan Chin. “But bone and ebony don’t glitter and sparkle, they just feel really good.”

My funky valentine: You make me smile with your heart

When you were a kid, Valentine’s Day was all about secret, cryptic messages from the heart. Why give up all the fun just because you grew up? Here are a few of the wearable messages you can send, whether you have $40 or $14,000 to spend.

Todd Reed: reinventing diamond jewelry

Todd Reed is red hot now but his success didn’t happen overnight. He launched his signature look in 1994 – raw diamonds in quirky gold designs – and a few years later, made a big commitment to sustainability. That commitment is limiting his growth – and that’s okay with him.

February birthstone: Amethyst

January’s birthstone is among the most popular gems in American jewelry. A form of quartz found mainly in Brazil, Bolivia and Russia, amethyst has long been one of the gem world’s greatest bargains. But the finest deep purple variety is…