Month: March 2010

Hilary Hachey: random patterns in sterling

Somehow it’s not surprising to learn that many collectors of Hilary Hachey’s jewelry are architects. There’s something architectural about the pared-down quality of her designs.  They’re all about form, mostly geometric, not much embellishment. It took her a while to…

Antique Chinese hair ornaments at Christie’s

Carved jade and elaborate hair ornaments have been part of Chinese culture since the beginning of civilization – and they weren’t just for women. Men wore some of the biggest and flashiest. This week, Christie’s has some beautiful examples on the block.

Cornelia Goldsmith: nature with a twist

Much of Cornelia Goldsmith’s inspiration comes from nature – butterflies, trees and sea horses with a surrealistic twist. Branches sprout from a three-dimensional heart, cleaved down the middle and bleeding granulation. “I like the idea of having two layers in…