Month: September 2010

Opals on the block

opal hat on model

In honor of this month’s magical birthstone, Bonhams & Butterfields is dedicating an entire auction to opals, from fiery Mexicans to cool Australians. There’s even an opal hat.

Wedding rings reinvented: customized by Todd Reed

Todd Reed has made wedding rings for almost two decades. It was a logical progression for a goldsmith who specializes in diamonds, albeit raw ones. Reed now sells between 10 and 20 wedding rings or sets a month. Reed credits…

Jewels of North Africa: exotic assemblages

It’s the kind of jewelry you might find in a Moroccan street market or on a well-dressed belly dancer: colorful, exotic layers that clink and jangle as the wearer moves. Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, a director of the Paris-based fashion empire, spent…

September birthstone: Sapphire

Known as the “king” of gems in Ancient Rome, sapphire is still most coveted in deep blue – like the stunning parure Christie’s Dubai will auction off next month. But sapphire comes in a rainbow of colors and, increasingly, creative jewelers are getting their hands on those.