Month: November 2010

Pink diamond sells for $23.2 million

Once again, pink diamonds ruled the Christie’s Hong Kong jewelry sale – with Asian private collectors paying big prices for the world’s finest colored gems and jewels.

Wedding rings reinvented: recycling gold jewelry

A lot has changed since Marne Ryan began making wedding rings three decades ago, including the price of gold and interest in sustainability. Ryan uses only recycled metal now and it usually comes from her customers.

Wedding rings reinvented: hands-on collaborations

For jewelry designers like Todd Reed and Alex Sepkus who have a signature look, making wedding rings is a matter of tweaking a prototype. Others, like Jim Dailing of Portland, Oregon, see it as an opportunity to create something from…

November birthstone: Topaz

Forget the mislabeled citrine and the cheap, irradiated blues. Here’s a new look at an old gem that’s making a comeback, in all its glorious and often-overlooked variations.