Join me for live webinar: Building a site on Jewelspan or Market Square

Building your own Jewelry Website on Square Market & JewelspanGood news! My webinar on how to build a website for your jewelry on Square Market and Jewelspan is back by popular demand – and revised to cover changes in both platforms in recent months. Join me live this Wednesday, February 5, at 1 pm ET by registering at the Interweave Store.

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with this series of live, web-based seminars aimed at jewelry designers and artists. They’re based on a column I write for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine called “Net Profits,” where I share tips for selling and marketing your jewelry online. Net Profits also has its own blog on JewelryMakingDaily, spun off that month’s column topic.

My webinar series is about easy but effective ways to build your own website. This Wednesday, we’re revisiting two options that surfaced last year, Jewelspan and Square Market. Jewelspan is a marketplace and collection of individual artist websites devoted to jewelry, spun off Artspan (4,000+ artist sites). Square Market is a new collection of ecommerce shops connected to Square, the little gadget that plugs into tablets and smart phones to process credit cards.

Both platforms have grown since we took that web tour in September, and both have made a few changes worth noting. Also, I’ve checked in with a few jewelry artists who have tried them firsthand to see how the experience has gone for them so far. So if you missed that webinar, don’t sweat it. Here’s your chance to see what it would be like to set up shop (or at least a web presence) on either of these online marketplaces. If you can’t attend, you can download the webinar here.

Among other things, we’ll hear from this jewelry artist who built a site on Jewelspan after hearing about it through my webinar. As she will tell you, setting up on Jewelspan is much easier than building a site completely from scratch (she tried that too), but it does come at a price. Setting up on Square is basically free and couldn’t be easier, but it’s not a multi-layered website where you can really position your brand.

McCarthy2_WordpressIf you’re more interested in building your own independent site via WordPress, you may be more interested in my second webinar in the series, Building Your Own Website: WordPress and Self-Hosting. You’ll find that available for download at the Interweave Store. For that one, I used this blog as a test model. The Jewelry Loupe is a WordPress site I built myself using a free theme and I’ve actually never had anyone (so far) post or tweak the design. It’s all me, for better or worse.

As you will see, you don’t have to know a shred of code to put up a WordPress site, but you will learn a thing or two about it if you maintain one for a while. I also have another WordPress site I hired a web designer to set up using a “premium” theme (read: not free). I discussed that option as well. We looked at a few other premium themes that I think would work well as a jewelry showcase and, in some cases, for e-commerce. I also explain what it takes to self-host your websites, something you have to set up in order to build any WordPress site intended for commercial use. My own experience is with Blue Host and HostGator.

Then I took attendees behind the scenes here at The Jewelry Loupe – which means, in WordPress speak, the dashboard. If you’ve been considering WordPress as a means of establishing your web presence, you’ll get an inside (literally) view of what that looks like. You’ll see how ridiculously easy it is to create a post here, and add and tweak images.

I’ll also show you some of the coolest and most effective plugins I use here – that’s WordPress speak for app. I use plugins for social sharing, automatic back-ups, embedding video, and filtering spam emails, among other things. I have one or two for creating widgets. I don’t know if we’ll get around to widgets but it’s a word I like to use as often as possible.

Hope to hear from some of you this week! More opportunities coming soon.

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you shop after clicking one, I get a small commission. (It doesn’t cost you any extra.)

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2 comments for “Join me for live webinar: Building a site on Jewelspan or Market Square

  1. Jaspr Cragg
    February 5, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Good Afternoon,

    I attended your webinar this afternoon, and was thrilled with your presentation. I am working on a yet to be published blog on word press. I’m also trying to work through setting up the home page as a website. I have looked over Interweaves store for your previous webinar to no avail. Do you have a link to where I may obtain a copy?

    I appreciate your time and this blog.

    Jaspr Cragg

  2. Cathleen McCarthy
    February 5, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    So glad it helped, Jaspr! A few folks have asked about that WordPress webinar and I can’t find it myself. I’ve asked the folks at Interweave to send me the link, and to send it to all who attended the webinar today. Just a heads-up: that webinar was not a workshop, it was an overview similar to today’s. I’m not sure it will help with actual setup, but might give you some tips on plug-ins, widgets, dashboard, etc. Best of luck! -Cathleen

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