Category: Jewelry Maker

Susan Chin: bone and ebony

“To some extent, jewelry is body enhancement, so if it doesn’t glitter or sparkle it’s not doing its job,” says studio jeweler Susan Chin. “But bone and ebony don’t glitter and sparkle, they just feel really good.”

Todd Reed: reinventing diamond jewelry

Todd Reed is red hot now but his success didn’t happen overnight. He launched his signature look in 1994 – raw diamonds in quirky gold designs – and a few years later, made a big commitment to sustainability. That commitment is limiting his growth – and that’s okay with him.

Making it on 1000 Markets

There’s a lot of interest in online markets for handmade goods, both from jewelry makers and shoppers. Etsy is the big daddy of artisan marketplaces, followed by Artfire. But if you’re looking for a selective, less crowded alternative, check out 1000 Markets.

Gift books for jewelry lovers

For jewelry lovers, few things equal the pleasure of looking at jewelry firsthand – except maybe looking at jewelry and reading about it at the same time. I have yards of bookcase devoted to this topic. Here are some recent favorites.

Last-minute gifts for the men in your life

In case this week’s celebration of jewelry for men inspired you to adorn the males of our species, here are a few unique gift ideas – all of which can be purchased without leaving home – for scientists, artists, architecture buffs, fishermen, skiers, handymen and wise old owls.

Chihiro Makio: Tea and Flowers

Walk by Chihiro Makio’s booth at a craft show and her floral necklaces draw you in with their delicate shapes and lush asymmetry. Wearing one is like wrapping a flowering vine around your throat — a vine made of metal,…