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Chihiro Makio: Tea and Flowers

Walk by Chihiro Makio’s booth at a craft show and her floral necklaces draw you in with their delicate shapes and lush asymmetry. Wearing one is like wrapping a flowering vine around your throat — a vine made of metal,…

How to spot fake gems in old jewelry

Learn what to look for in terms of color and cut, but don’t expect to tell a synthetic from a real stone – and forget trying to identify something based on a digital photo. “If something looks too good to be true,” Christie Romero warns, “it probably is.”

Making it on Etsy

Etsy is like the main street of an artsy neighborhood: full of tiny shops, not real high-end but cozy, social, user-friendly, and laden with possibility – of finding treasures or sympatico buyers.

Buying a diamond engagement ring: 6 C’s

An engagement ring may be the most important jewelry purchase anyone makes. Not only does it represent a lifetime commitment, it may be the only piece of jewelry a woman never removes. Like the marriage itself, it should be beautiful, timeless and able to withstand some hard knocks.

Brad and Angelina design snake jewelry

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have designed a new collection of snake-themed jewels for Asprey. They’re not the first celebs to design pavé snakes and they’re certainly not the first to make wearable serpents – but they are donating profits to a good cause.

Glossary of terms for estate jewelry

Why do jewelry dealers hate the word “estate?” What’s the difference between revival and reproduction? A quick guide to help you navigate the murky semantics of used jewelry.

November’s birthstone: Citrine

November birthstone citrine is not always easy to spot, ranging from pale buttery shades to deep honey. A few talented goldsmiths are doing amazing things with the whole spectrum.

Award-winning jewelry designs

Spectrum Awards spotlight not only contemporary design but the finest gemstones on the planet. Here are emeralds, rubies and moonstones like you’ve never seen them – and a few gems you probably didn’t know existed.