Category: Birthstones

September birthstone: Sapphire

Known as the “king” of gems in Ancient Rome, sapphire is still most coveted in deep blue – like the stunning parure Christie’s Dubai will auction off next month. But sapphire comes in a rainbow of colors and, increasingly, creative jewelers are getting their hands on those.

June birthstone: Pearl

Nothing is more universal and timeless than pearls. Wander through any major art museum and you’ll find them on everyone from maharajahs to lowly servants. There’s Rembrandt’s “Weighing of Pearls,” Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”—which inspired a Hollywood movie—and…

April birthstone: Diamond

Few stones can match the legendary powers of a diamond, from betrothal to battlefield. A flawless diamond was considered the ultimate protector, said to ward off serpents and evil spirits, fire and flood, poison, illness and thieves.