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Gina Pankowski: pearls in orbit

Gina Pankowski’s Pearl Orbit series began when she was contemplating child-bearing – which may explain why she sees pearls as a beautiful, life-containing intrusion. Wearing one of her neckpieces will transform you into public art: “People stop to look.”

Copal, amber and…copal amber?

Strolling past the booths of an outdoor craft festival recently, I stopped to admire a chunky beaded necklace labeled “Copal Amber,” the word “amber” in bold. “I thought copal was different from amber,” I said to the man behind the display.…

October’s birthstone: Opal

Opal pendant by Carolyn Tyler

Will wearing opal bring you bad luck if it isn’t your birthstone? Of all the ancient myths about gemstones, none endure like the superstitions surrounding opal. The bad-luck opal myth isn’t really ancient. It comes from 19th-century fiction.