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And the Oscar goes to… 5 jewelry trends to watch in 2014

Cate Blanchett in Chopard opals

There’s nothing more frustrating for jewelry mavens than seeing a star step onto the red carpet with a beautiful gown and no noticeable jewelry – no necklace at the plunging neckline, no bracelet on the slender arms. Minimalism became a…

What I learned from your favorite posts of 2010

Judging by the posts that get the most hits, you want to be rock stars, jewelry photographers, and collectors of rare treasures. Or maybe you just want to look at intriguing pictures, hear the stories behind them, and dream.

Wedding rings reinvented: recycling gold jewelry

A lot has changed since Marne Ryan began making wedding rings three decades ago, including the price of gold and interest in sustainability. Ryan uses only recycled metal now and it usually comes from her customers.