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How to wear jewelry like a gent

“I’m duding up my shirtfront, putting in the shirt studs, polishing my nails…”

Fred Astaire was steppin’ out. Proper accessories were required. Today, Johnny Depp continues his legacy, while other Hollywood style icons follow Cary Grant’s lead.

How to build a great antique jewelry collection

Should you build a collection by theme or period? Is it better to buy through auctions or dealers? Where can you go to try on one-of-a-kind masterpieces – like jewelry by Lalique – without spending a dime?

How to spot fake gems in old jewelry

Learn what to look for in terms of color and cut, but don’t expect to tell a synthetic from a real stone – and forget trying to identify something based on a digital photo. “If something looks too good to be true,” Christie Romero warns, “it probably is.”

Glossary of terms for estate jewelry

Why do jewelry dealers hate the word “estate?” What’s the difference between revival and reproduction? A quick guide to help you navigate the murky semantics of used jewelry.

Nature of Diamonds in Chicago

If you haven’t seen The Nature of Diamonds exhibit, you’ll have one last chance in Chicago, where it opened last week at The Field Museum. Along with fun facts about the history and geology of our favorite sparkly – and…

Christie’s cleans up with diamonds and rare jewels

Diamonds brought big prices at Christie’s New York jewelry sale today and the much publicized 32-carat Annenberg Diamond did not disappoint, selling for $7,698,500, more than twice the low estimate. At $240,000 per carat, the Annenberg sets the world record per-carat…

Jeweled objets d’art at Christie’s NYC

In the 1930s, Van Cleef & Arpels was commissioned by a Maharajah to create an aquarium for his pet tree frog. “La Maison d’Hortense” was outfitted with a tiny gold ladder for the frog to ascend or descend, according to…