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The peacock male: exuberance and extremes

A look back on the days when men were peacocks, with jeweled monocles and lace cuffs, Mason’s aprons and – more recently – bondage suits designed by Vivienne Westwood. Even George Washington wore a necklace.

Jewelry by Modern artists: Calder, Picasso, Braque and Man Ray

Many famous twentieth-century painters and sculptors designed in jewelry at some point in their careers, usually in close collaboration with trained goldsmiths. Most of it looks a lot like their art – and some of it opened doors for both celebrity designers and creative studio jewelry.

Salvador Dali: bejeweled surrealism

Jewelry designed by Salvador Dali is the hot ticket these days at auction and museums. Three major exhibits are spotlighting the jeweled versions of his  surrealism this year. “My art encompasses physics, mathematics, architecture, nuclear science – the psycho-nuclear, the…

Jewels of North Africa: exotic assemblages

It’s the kind of jewelry you might find in a Moroccan street market or on a well-dressed belly dancer: colorful, exotic layers that clink and jangle as the wearer moves. Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, a director of the Paris-based fashion empire, spent…

Nature of Diamonds in Chicago

If you haven’t seen The Nature of Diamonds exhibit, you’ll have one last chance in Chicago, where it opened last week at The Field Museum. Along with fun facts about the history and geology of our favorite sparkly – and…