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Gift books for jewelry lovers

For jewelry lovers, few things equal the pleasure of looking at jewelry firsthand – except maybe looking at jewelry and reading about it at the same time. I have yards of bookcase devoted to this topic. Here are some recent favorites.

How to wear jewelry like a gent

“I’m duding up my shirtfront, putting in the shirt studs, polishing my nails…”

Fred Astaire was steppin’ out. Proper accessories were required. Today, Johnny Depp continues his legacy, while other Hollywood style icons follow Cary Grant’s lead.

Nature of Diamonds in Chicago

If you haven’t seen The Nature of Diamonds exhibit, you’ll have one last chance in Chicago, where it opened last week at The Field Museum. Along with fun facts about the history and geology of our favorite sparkly – and…

Movie classics: three jewel heist films worth watching

Grace Kelly + Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief

Whether it’s fifties Hitchcock or seventies caper movies, jewels (especially diamonds) always make for the best Hollywood-style heist. Three classics that pack glamour, suspense and a nice payoff: To Catch a Thief, Le Cercle Rouge and Flawless.