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Carolyn Morris Bach: talismans from the woods

Daphne's Metamorphosis pendant of 18 kt gold, silver, bone, amethyst, opal by Carolyn Morris Bach, 1991, from Daphne Farago Collection at Musuem of Find Arts, Boston

Among the best-known art jewelers in this country, Carolyn Morris Bach found her calling early and enjoyed immediate and sustained success. You’ll find her work in the finest jewelry galleries from Concepts in Carmel, CA, to Quadrum in Boston, and…

Buddha carved in stone

Given the spiritual powers attributed to gemstones over the centuries, it’s not surprising that – faced with a particularly juicy chunk of gem material – lapidaries often turn to Buddha for inspiration. There’s a Buddha coming up for sale at…

Antique Chinese hair ornaments at Christie’s

Carved jade and elaborate hair ornaments have been part of Chinese culture since the beginning of civilization – and they weren’t just for women. Men wore some of the biggest and flashiest. This week, Christie’s has some beautiful examples on the block.