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Rock stars: gem carver Lew Wackler

A master machinist, Lew Wackler is famous for reviving long-forgotten lapidary techniques using 19th-century machinery that he restores himself. For many years, Wackler made his living producing art objects that looked like they came from the houses of Faberge or…

Rock stars: Sherris Cottier Shank

Sherris Cottier Shank | The Jewelry Loupe

Sherris Cottier Shank has always been fascinated by moving water, particularly waterfalls and streams. She spent years studying and photographing water in natural settings before attempting to portray it in gemstone. No cutter alive can transform stone into water like…

Rock stars: pioneer Bernd Munsteiner

Dom Pedro aquamarine of 10.363 carats carved by Bernd Munsteiner was unveiled on Dec. 6, 2012 (Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History)

World’s largest aquamarine carving, the 10.363-carat Dom Pedro, goes on display Thursday at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. It’s no surprise to find the carver chosen to sculpt this 14-inch obelisk was Bernd Munsteiner. Those familiar with…

Season of JAR: a connoisseur’s approach to gems

As yet another eye-popping jewel by the Bronx-born designer known as “JAR of Paris” goes on the block next month, a few observations of what a designer can achieve by going against convention when it comes to gemstones.