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Snakes and stones: female designers in Bali

Carolyn Tyler and Penny Berton both found a haven and outlet for their creative expression in Bali. Both invested a chunk of their lives developing a little design industry there, and both have since retreated somewhat to their roots. Tyler…

Boivin and Belperron: bold, gem-laden geometry

In the heady world of Paris between the two world wars, Deco jewelry ruled – which made the bold jewels designed by Juliette Moutard of René Boivin and Suzanne Belperron stand out all the more. Christie’s Paris is offering three…

Andrea Rosenfeld: jewelry for healing

Andrea Rosenfeld designs what she calls “healing jewelry,” using stones known for their healing powers and the technique of Reiki. She started designing jewelry fairly recently but brings a wealth of experience and skills to her creations – loom weaving,…

November birthstone: Topaz

Forget the mislabeled citrine and the cheap, irradiated blues. Here’s a new look at an old gem that’s making a comeback, in all its glorious and often-overlooked variations.

Opals on the block

opal hat on model

In honor of this month’s magical birthstone, Bonhams & Butterfields is dedicating an entire auction to opals, from fiery Mexicans to cool Australians. There’s even an opal hat.

September birthstone: Sapphire

Known as the “king” of gems in Ancient Rome, sapphire is still most coveted in deep blue – like the stunning parure Christie’s Dubai will auction off next month. But sapphire comes in a rainbow of colors and, increasingly, creative jewelers are getting their hands on those.

Back on the block: JAR topaz earrings

One of the JAR jewels made famous at the 2006 sale of Ellen Barkin’s jewelry is up for grabs again – four years later and in the same showroom, Christie’s announced yesterday. Those who didn’t make the winning bid can…