How to wear jewelry beefcake-style

Taylor Kitcsh demonstrates that a truly buff piece of beef doesn't need anything but a pendant on a cord and a gaze that sends us all back to high school

Taylor Kitcsh wears his ring as a pendant. That's about it. Doesn't even need to wash his hair.

Beefcake shot with mandatory pendant on black cord and a leather bracelet thrown in

Chris Evans accessorizes with pendant on cord, bracelet and peekaboo jockeys.

Surfer beefcake: Ryan Carnes wears beads with a cross pendant and bracelet.

Surfer beefcake: Ryan Carnes wears beads with a cross pendant and bracelet.

Some things haven’t changed much in Hollywood over the past half century. When you’re starting out, you have to use what you’ve got.

That means that if you’re young and beautiful, publicists and paparazzi will snap lots of pictures of you in minimal attire. If you look like the guys here, that makes for pretty effective publicity.

Let’s face it, we humans like to look at beautiful things and that includes beautiful bodies. Here’s ample proof that nothing looks better on a well-toned male torso than a pendant on a cord, unless it’s two pendants – dogtag-style – or maybe beads and a pendant, bohemian-style.

Beefcake necklaces are nothing new. Three decades ago, John Travolta, then a rising star at his own physical peak, exposed a thick gold chain when he stripped his shirt off in Saturday Night Fever. This led many far-less buff specimens to show up at bars and discos wearing gold chains under their own unbuttoned polyester shirts.

Not a shining moment for men’s fashion.

Maybe the current trend was inspired by the slew of war movies that came out after that, where buff soldiers always doff their shirts at some point to expose their dog tags.

Whatever caused this fashion evolution, the result is a better look for men and easier to pull off at all ages. You may not look like these guys, of course, but you won’t have to.

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