How to wear jewelry like a real man

Ewan McGregor demonstrates that tattoos, biceps and the plain tee help

Ewan McGregor shows off his link bracelet while drawing attention to biceps, tattoos, and scruffy facial hair.

Gerard Butler demonstrates how to layer chunky necklaces under an open collar and still look a man's man. Okay, possibly also a ladies' man.

Gerard Butler demonstrates how to wear not one, but two chunky necklaces and still look like a guy's guy. (


If you’ve ever wondered how Tennesee Williams would have accessorized Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire – what, am I the only one? – I’m betting he’d look something like the guys here.

Alright, skip Ewan’s link bracelet, but definitely dogtags, maybe a leather biker bracelet.

As these celebs demonstrate, the trick to maintaining a macho image while wearing jewelry is to keep things simple: white or black t-shirt or cotton oxford, jeans or work pants, construction boots. (Sneakers don’t really go with necklaces and bracelets unless you’re a rap star, but that’s another post.)

Also helpful: tousled locks (no one needs to know you used hair gel and primped in front of the mirror), three days’ worth of beard growth, a few hours a week pumping iron, and at least one prominent arm tattoo.

Okay, yes, it doesn’t hurt to be young, successful, and head-turningly handsome as well.

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  1. December 18, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    Love the site, and this post is awesome, both for the practical advice and a photo of E. M. that up to this point had escaped from my dreamy-eyed notice!

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