Jewelry for men: why not?

Cufflinks and studs of 18kt gold with diamonds by Abrasha

Cufflinks and studs of 18kt gold with diamonds by Abrasha

Let’s face it, where jewelry is concerned, women get all the fun.

Go into most jewelry stores and ask to see the men’s lines and you often get a bewildered look. That, or you’re pointed to a sad little grouping tucked away in the dark corner of a display case.

I’ve often wondered how it came about that men are so discouraged to wear ornament in our society. If the rest of the animal kingdom is any indication, we’ve been repressing a vital natural tendency.

It’s usually the male of the species that’s more flamboyant – the male lion who wears the big hair, the male peacock who sports the Las Vegas showgirl tail. It’s the rooster, not the hen, who gets the ruby-red neckpiece – well, you get my point. As a female, I wouldn’t want to trade my right to strut, but it’s about time the male homo sapien got to strut a little too.

I’ve given you the secrets to buying jewelry for women. This week, it’s all about the guys. And because I think we need to lighten up a little where male ornament is concerned, I’m not taking a very serious approach. (We’ll look at some of the cool new designs for men some other time.)

I’ll post a different jewelry guide for men each day this week. Tomorrow: how to wear jewelry like a gent.