Last-minute gifts for the men in your life

Steampunk tie tack wet with taxidermy glass eye by CatherinetteRings (

Steampunk tie tack with taxidermy reptile glass eye by CatherinetteRings (

In case this week’s celebration of jewelry for men inspired you to adorn the males in your life, here are a few unique gift ideas – all of which can be purchased without leaving home.

For artists, scientists and fans of Victorian-style punk:

a handmade tie tack of clock parts and a taxidermy reptile glass eye (left, $115,

For architecture buffs and fishermen:

a couple Frank Gehry-style fish for the shirt cuffs ($48, Tiffany & Co) – inspired, in case you were wondering, by Gehry’s somewhat larger fish

For the fixer-upper, DIY guy:

liquid-filled rhodium-plated silver cufflinks in the form of levels – that actually work! ($45,

For skiers and wise old owls who like a nip now and then:

Stainless steel flask by the TheSteampunkTrunk (

Stainless steel flask by the TheSteampunkTrunk (

a little something for the ride up the hill, or sitting by the fire après ski, this stainless steel hip flask holds five ounces and comes with its own filling funnel ($60,