My funky valentine: You make me smile with your heart

Valentine’s Day is the one time of year when you can speak from the heart – literally. Let’s face it, we were conditioned from an early age to get excited and sentimental at the sight of that symbol. How many crushes did you discover via goofy valentine in grade school?

Goldsmith Pat Flynn's heart pins (

I don’t know about you but, by second grade, I was putting some thought into who got which candy or paper heart, having many levels of crush to convey. It was the one time I could say: “Be mine,” “I heart you,” or, even, “Kiss me!” with wild abandonment – and then wink it away.

Why give up all that fun just because you grew up? After all, love is more complicated than ever. Here are a few of the wearable messages you could send this Valentine’s Day, whether you have $40 or $14,000 to spend:

“Be patient, my heart’s on the mend.”

"Candy's Heart," handmade sterling pendant ($40, willowbranchmusings,

“You make me feel naughty.”

"Devil pendant" with synthetic ruby heart, diamond accents in 14kt gold ($130,

“I can’t figure you out.”

Pat Flynn's sterling and steel "Magnet Puzzle" brooch (

“I’m a prisoner of your love.”

Pat Flynn's sterling and bone "Prisoner" brooch (

“My heart is ruled by the green-eyed monster.”

Demantoid garnet and diamond pendant, ca. 1890. ($14,000,

You can find the jewelry pictured here at willowbranchmusings on Etsy,, Pat Flynn, and A La Vieille RussieHunters of the bargain heart, check out this post.