Super Bowl championship rings for Packers unveiled

2011 Super Bowl platinum ring designed by Jostens for the Green Bay Packers has 109 diamonds totally 3.35 carats set in 18kt gold (photo Jostens Inc.)

UPDATE: Here it is at last, the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl championship ring, presented to the team at a Thursday night celebration in Lambeau Field Atrium. The Packers bucked the recent trend to go with a name-brand jewelry designer like Tiffany or an edgier up-and-coming designer for Super Bowl rings, sticking instead with Jostens, the Minnesota-based company that has produced 29 of the 45 Super Bowl rings, and all four of the Packers’.

Green Bay Packers celebrated the inaugural Super Bowl in 1966 with this modest ring (Jostens)

Jostens’ approach to Super Bowl ring design  has come a long way since the first one they produced for the Packers in 1967 (right), set with a single one-carat diamond.

In keeping with the ever-increasing bling  of the big-time championship ring, this year’s has 109 diamonds – totally 3.35 carats – and weighs 116 grams (about four ounces).

Central motif in this year’s ring is the team’s G logo cast in 18kt gold and embedded with 13 diamonds representing  the team’s 13 NFL championships. The logo was placed on a green stone tablet and surrounded by four marquis-cut diamonds, representing the team’s four Super Bowl victories, and 92 more diamonds for their 92-year history. (A championship ring these days is a mathematical dilemma, measured out in diamonds.)

One side of the ring is engraved with images of Lambeau Field and the player’s name and team number, the other with an image of the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl XLV trophy. Inside the shank are the scores of Green Bay’s four postseason wins and the team motto: “One mind, goal, purpose, heart.”

Official statement from Packers president/CEO Michael Murphy: “The victory in Super Bowl XLV was a great achievement for the organization. Jostens has done a fantastic job of capturing the excitement of the win for everyone at the Packers.”

For the backstory on this ring and a short history of Super Bowl championship rings, see my February post: Super Bowl championship rings for the Packers

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