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Joyce Scott: narrative beadwork

Joyce Scott, bead artist and MacArthur Fellow 2016

Joyce Scott’s beaded jewelry is often figurative, and not in a subtle way. Her figures swell beyond jewelry proportions: faces with vivid expressions, female bodies with full breasts and thighs. Captured in the confines of a necklace, her figures loom…

Jewels of North Africa: exotic assemblages

It’s the kind of jewelry you might find in a Moroccan street market or on a well-dressed belly dancer: colorful, exotic layers that clink and jangle as the wearer moves. Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, a director of the Paris-based fashion empire, spent…

Chihiro Makio: Tea and Flowers

Walk by Chihiro Makio’s booth at a craft show and her floral necklaces draw you in with their delicate shapes and lush asymmetry. Wearing one is like wrapping a flowering vine around your throat — a vine made of metal,…

Making it on Etsy

Etsy is like the main street of an artsy neighborhood: full of tiny shops, not real high-end but cozy, social, user-friendly, and laden with possibility – of finding treasures or sympatico buyers.