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Picasso’s Dora Maar portrait ring goes on the block

Ring containing a portrait of Dora Maar in pen and colored pencil by Picasso, c. 1936-1939, set in pre-made yellow metal composite ring will sell at Sotheby's London on June 21, 2017

A ring containing a portrait of Dora Maar made for her by Pablo Picasso in the 1930s is expected to fetch half a million at Sotheby’s this month. That’s a lot more than it sold for at the 1998 estate sale in Paris following Maar’s death. No one knew Picasso had made jewelry by hand but the news was overshadowed by those paintings.

Imagine: jewelry and other radical art by Yoko Ono


Crowds will pile into the Museum of Modern Art this weekend to see Yoko Ono’s art. Saturday night they will applaud (or boo) as she takes the mic with the Plastic Ono Band. Wait. Is this 1970? No, but this may…

Paul Flato: jewels with heart and humor


A famous jewel is coming up for auction at Christie’s New York in April, the heart brooch designed by Paul Flato for Millicent Rogers, Standard Oil heiress and fashion icon of the ’30s and ’40s. She and Flato collaborated on…

Verdura & Dalí: bejeweled metamorphosis


You may know Verdura as one of the designer flagships along the glitziest couple blocks of Fifth Avenue, but the original Verdura was an Italian aristocrat-turned-jeweler who collaborated with Coco Chanel, Paul Flato and Salvador Dali. All those partnerships produced…