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January birthstone: Garnet

Legend has it garnets worn by the January-born will bring constancy, fidelity, and true friendship. They were long believed to cure hemorrhaging and excessive anger, and frequently mistaken for rubies and emeralds. A look at this incredibly versatile gemstone.

How to wear jewelry like a gent

“I’m duding up my shirtfront, putting in the shirt studs, polishing my nails…”

Fred Astaire was steppin’ out. Proper accessories were required. Today, Johnny Depp continues his legacy, while other Hollywood style icons follow Cary Grant’s lead.

How to spot fake gems in old jewelry

Learn what to look for in terms of color and cut, but don’t expect to tell a synthetic from a real stone – and forget trying to identify something based on a digital photo. “If something looks too good to be true,” Christie Romero warns, “it probably is.”