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Super Bowl championship rings for Packers unveiled

UPDATE: Here it is at last, the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl championship ring, presented to the team at a Thursday night celebration in Lambeau Field Atrium. The Packers bucked the recent trend to go with a name-brand jewelry designer…

The peacock male: exuberance and extremes

A look back on the days when men were peacocks, with jeweled monocles and lace cuffs, Mason’s aprons and – more recently – bondage suits designed by Vivienne Westwood. Even George Washington wore a necklace.

Last-minute gifts for the men in your life

In case this week’s celebration of jewelry for men inspired you to adorn the males of our species, here are a few unique gift ideas – all of which can be purchased without leaving home – for scientists, artists, architecture buffs, fishermen, skiers, handymen and wise old owls.