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Salvador Dali: bejeweled surrealism

Jewelry designed by Salvador Dali is the hot ticket these days at auction and museums. Three major exhibits are spotlighting the jeweled versions of his  surrealism this year. “My art encompasses physics, mathematics, architecture, nuclear science – the psycho-nuclear, the…

Opals on the block

opal hat on model

In honor of this month’s magical birthstone, Bonhams & Butterfields is dedicating an entire auction to opals, from fiery Mexicans to cool Australians. There’s even an opal hat.

Jeweled objets d’art at Christie’s NYC

In the 1930s, Van Cleef & Arpels was commissioned by a Maharajah to create an aquarium for his pet tree frog. “La Maison d’Hortense” was outfitted with a tiny gold ladder for the frog to ascend or descend, according to…