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Snakes and stones: female designers in Bali

Carolyn Tyler and Penny Berton both found a haven and outlet for their creative expression in Bali. Both invested a chunk of their lives developing a little design industry there, and both have since retreated somewhat to their roots. Tyler…

Barbara Bayne: from the woods

Barbara Bayne’s jewelry is often dark and organic, like something dug from the earth. Perhaps this has something to do with her years of living and designing in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts, where she got her inspiration on…

Gina Pankowski: pearls in orbit

Gina Pankowski’s Pearl Orbit series began when she was contemplating child-bearing – which may explain why she sees pearls as a beautiful, life-containing intrusion. Wearing one of her neckpieces will transform you into public art: “People stop to look.”

June birthstone: Pearl

Nothing is more universal and timeless than pearls. Wander through any major art museum and you’ll find them on everyone from maharajahs to lowly servants. There’s Rembrandt’s “Weighing of Pearls,” Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”—which inspired a Hollywood movie—and…

Gift books for jewelry lovers

For jewelry lovers, few things equal the pleasure of looking at jewelry firsthand – except maybe looking at jewelry and reading about it at the same time. I have yards of bookcase devoted to this topic. Here are some recent favorites.